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Author: Redaktor

Password protect a file on a dumb NAS I've an A.C. Ryan Playon!DVR http://www.trustedreviews.com/A-C-Ryan-Playon-DVR-HD-re. I've had this for quite some time, it's a DVR and several other items, it really is principal function now due to poor firmwares is just a mediaplayer and a NAS, the problem I'm looking to fix is how do you protect a file from other people of the network, it extends a form of Linux numbered up designed for finished, the NAS performance is open stability with no handle from inside the OS/Firmware, I'd like to password-protect a folder that I keep my stuff in, anything else might be accesses by others, all control within the files and documents is ready to accept anyone on the system, whether employing Linux Windows or Mac and handle and improvements merely be produced remotely by any Personal-Computer that has usage of the network whether Cabled or Instant, attempted Intelligent File Hider which reported it can't make changes to remote folders.